December 12, 2011

Blessed by Community

I am so blessed by our adoption community far and with—from our AGCI families to our IAN families and then add in families with other agencies that we have come to know through common hearts and passions.

Some of these families I have never met—have only connected through facebook, emails, or the phone.  Others I have had the blessed pleasure of meeting them in person.

I have watched in awe as families have rallied around our TLZ auction (those who have adopted and others who have been touched by it) and I have been so blessed to watch families rally around the Gillis family.

I have watched as donations have come through from families who have just completed adoptions or who are even fundraising themselves!

Last week I wanted this Nativity Set from Hobby Lobby (none around here) and you couldn’t buy it online.  I posted that I was looking for it and had several families who said they’d run out and look for it for me.  Two even asked their mothers to look! And yes, I was blessed as someone took time out of their day (and trusted me to pay!) and bought it for me!

That’s true community folks. Love it. I love praying for each other and sharing praises in good news and sharing heartache and tears in bad news.

I loved it when friends took pictures and video of our little guy and I loved returning the favor!

I am blessed when I announce a need the Care Center has, to see it met almost immediately.

I am blessed when I see payments coming in for the auction, cross referencing them and seeing more was given then required.

Thank you friends—far and wide!  You bless me!!

Below is a video from Dennis Jernigan (who graciously donated to our TLZ auction by the way).  Let is bless you!

or another version (a favorite version)

Now…winner of Mini-Giveaway!  Nicole Huson!!

Be blessed today my friends!

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