December 1, 2011

First Himbasha and Injera & marathon anyone??

After getting the Christmas tree the other day we stopped by our local Ethiopian restaurant! Always a favorite stop and we always leave stuffed!

Teshale had his first injera and himbasha and LOVED them both. crazy love. I had a hard time eating for him grabbing things out of my hand.

PS..There were others in the restaurant and Rachel looked around and said “hmph! they are amateurs eating with their forks!” :)


This young man always loves his Ethiopian food. Keeps him going.  Two weeks ago he was determined to run a marathon and truly believed that he could just go out and run one! We kept telling him long it was and he kept saying “well, I’m good—I think I can do it.” Greg took him to the track to run to show how many times it would be around the track…Now, keep in mind he has never done any running here aside from soccer (though he does run hard in a game!) 

The kid ran 8 3/4 miles!! in 112 minutes!! Barely broke his pace! We thought he would barely be able to move the next day and he just said his legs were a little sore! I think I may have a runner on my hands!  Now..who wants to come run a marathon with him?



Now..don’t forget the auction ends Friday at 9pm eastern time!

Don’t forget to bid on stuff!

Big Hint!  There is a beautiful child’s SEE coat from Show Hope there that has no bids on it yet!!

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