December 2, 2011

Flashback Friday–Hawaii 2001 & our Jesse Tree

Oh man, can I just go back in time for a minute (or how about a week?) This seems like a lifetime ago.

(yes—for those that read this earlier—I changed the year—we took two trips (both won from Kraft) and I got the years mixed up :) )’s the cool thing. This trip was completely paid for. even spending money. My hardworking hubby won it through a contest at Kraft Foods (who he used to work for) by working his tail off.

Island of Maui…this where you can see all the whales when it is that time. sigh. it wasn’t that time of the year. very beautiful though (and windy as you can tell from my hair!)


Island of Kauai. Very beautiful.

IMG_0002_NEW’s a story to tell you just how weird and messed up I am. Right before we left there were reports of numerous shark attacks across the coast of the U.S.. You could have called it the year of shark attacks.  Now..I am not one who is all that comfy in the big ole ocean anyways. I was only at one once as a child and that was for about an hour. My first big beach trip was as an adult (and I was pregnant with Bekah) so I use that as my excuse.

So back to the while at this beautiful blue ocean paradise, I was terrified of being eaten by a shark. terrified. I definitely had a spirit of fear about me. so much so that I never even went past my knees!!  While Greg snorkeled I sat on the beach and prayed he’d return. (he saw an octopus which was way cool). I know I know. I was CRAZY. was still a wonderful week and I want to move there permanently and invite all of you along.

oh and yea, could someone find me that body I have in these pictures? I lost it somewhere along the way. :)

Our Jesse tree. Nothing fancy. (I would love to be a fantastic crafter but alas, I am not)

tree branches spray painted green and ornaments made out of the templates from Holy Experience Jesse Tree download.


And our bowl to plant our seeds of kindness in each day.


Have a great weekend friends!

We have a birthday party for a special one year old boy to plan!

PS..Auction closes tonight at 9pm eastern time!! Be sure to bid!!

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  1. Chrissy - You look so cute in your short hair! Oh to be there again! Someday we will get to Hawaii!


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