December 21, 2011


1) Ab has started using the word “ya’ll”  It is so weird hearing my Ethiopian boy say it. I am not sure if I should be proud or apologize. :)

2)Teshale just had his check up. 21 pounds and 29 inches. He is doing great. He is also sporting 2 new teeth. Up to 6 now!  He was NOT happy about the finger prick, shots, or getting his ear cleaned out.

3)Tonight is the first day Hanukah and we are celebrating it with latkes and pulling the menorah out. I love Jewish history and tradition and have many times wished I had Jewish heritage in my family line.

4) Bekah and I keep trying to make things and we realized we are not Martha Stewart…or even her great granddaughter…or 2nd cousin twice removed. We stink. But these tasted good at least!


5)We always wondered what took Ab so long in the bathroom (like an hour—specifically during school time) until we caught him taking a pack of cards in there with him. Apparently the bathroom is the great place to play cards.

6) Bekah is my favorite child. But don’t tell the others (written by Bekah….mom can’t leave her blog posts open for a minute.)

7) When Teshale is upset and wants to yell, he takes his pacifier out and holds it up in the air and yells loud and then sticks it back in his mouth when he’s done. cracks me up.

8) Bekah did an awesome job in Scrooge- The Musical. Her momma sat and cried as she sang.

9) We went to the Bethlehem village last night. Kids thought the camels were the best part.




Enjoy the season—going off to do some baking :)


  1. Love this post Charisa. I love the real life stuff. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart friend.

  2. I LOVE your "randomness" always makes me laugh!;)

  3. Fun randomness.....LOVE IT!
    Hey, it isn't about how it looks anyway!!!
    More about doing it together :)


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