January 5, 2012

Flashback Friday-Myrtle Beach 2008

I was attempting to find a good/cheap place for us to escape to in a couple of weeks for some much needed relaxation and family time. No such luck yet—but still looking. Our requirements are warm-sunny/East Coast/ Cheap/sleeps 7.
Not a lot of options out there..but we’ll find something. (the warm requirement is mine..I need some good ole vitamin D from the sun!)  Any suggestions?? Feel free to comment or shoot me an email of your recommendation! :)
The whole family is a little desperate for some being still and being together after the past few months. It’s been an emotional year.
While looking I began reminiscing over past vacations.
Here are some pics from Myrtle Beach 2008.
These are 2 months after Ab came home. He was so little here.
Our first vacation as a family of 6.
IMG_5559IMG_5564 - CopyIMG_5566IMG_5570IMG_5577knight,greg-charisa,dad and AbIMG_5574IMG_5515

1 comment:

  1. Guatemala should be warm! And I know a place that sleeps way more than 7! Let me know if you're interested, I'll hook you up.... oh yea, you don't like to fly.....
    Come to CT... oh yea, it's not warm At. All.
    I'll think warm thoughts for you, of you, and have a cup of coffee while doing that!


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