January 26, 2012

Grant Info and Fundraising

Recently I have received a lot of questions on grants and fundraising.  Below are some of the resources I found.

I know there is a lot more! Feel free to comment and share the ones you love and support or received support from!

ShowHope   www.showhope.org

Katelyn's Fund The best thing about them is that they called and interviewed us and just wanted to hear our hearts...(loved that) and then they all prayed for us (every board member) and told us that they would be praying for us by name for the length of our adoption...I love them.    www.katelynsfund.org

Ava's Hope...get on their mailing list. They email when money becomes available and then give a window to apply.  http://www.avashope.org/

Lifesong for Orphans.  We received no interest loans both times from them.  They also do matching grants. They do a lot of work in Africa as well with adoptive families.  Neat organization.


A Child Waits www.achildwaits.org

http://ggam.org/apply/ God's Grace Adoption Ministry   costs $10 to apply  below $60K

Our Creator's Hope http://ourcreatorshope.com/Our%20Creator's%20Hope%20-%20Grant%20Applications.html   they have deadlines to apply by for each quarter.

Orphan Impact http://orphanimpact.com/Orphan_Impact/Grant_Forms.html    income above $30K but below $80K

Sea of Faces http://seaoffaces.org/

Foundation for Hope and Grace  This is a new one started by a family.  Their blog is here with the email to get info. http://life-with-grace.blogspot.com/p/adoption-grants.html  

A Charity Project website assists you in fundraising.  People are currently rockin’ this one and doing well with it! http://www.acharityproject.com/

Also..many organizations offer way to partner with them to earn money

www.justlovecoffee.com   Get $5 for each bag of coffee you sell (and they are around $13-15 each)

http://www.ordinaryhero.org/Ordinary_Hero/OH_Fundraising.html  great items to sell



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  1. Check out The Sparrow Fund - would love for you to add our link to your list!


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