January 27, 2012

Introducing L and his mom & dad!

Remember “L” from our TLZ auction?  So many of you donated, prayed, and bought stuff to go towards his grant?  And we so appreciated it!

L’s family just went to court and passed!  He is officially their son!

They are now home and are waiting on Embassy clearance to bring him home! :)

I asked them if I could share a picture of them so you guys could see the fruit of your labors!

Here is L and his mom and dad :)  LOVE.  He also has some sweet siblings in his home as well.

Continue to pray that the rest of the process will be smooth so they can bring him home asap!

Happy Friday everyone!

l and mom


  1. ohhhh sooooo beautiful!!!! Tears of joy for sweet L! Can't wait for Donovan to get home so I can show him this photo!

  2. Love, love, love!


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