January 19, 2012

Knight Family Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a family update!

So here you go!

Greg’s job is going well and he is very busy. There is no shortage of people in our area or in America for that matter, of people needing help with food. I am so thankful for Feeding America and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Teshale is doing wonderful! He is now 13 1/2 months. He is growing and has quite the little gut!  He is starting to let go and stand on his own now! (just started last night) He gets so tickled with himself. He can walk holding onto stuff but hasn’t quite got the hang of it by himself. He usually just reaches and falls forward laughing. He is a joy.  He makes us all laugh each day.

Ab loves his drum lessons (I need to upload a video of him playing!) and is always on the move-full of life and energy. He drums on everything…absolutely everything.

Greg and I were having a discussion argument the other night.  Ab was in bed…and apparently could hear us.

He came out and left us this note on the counter.

ab's note

Yes. He’s our spiritual adviser. :) haha. He hadn’t really heard us argue that much and he said that it really bothered him.  sweet boy.

Bekah has started her first college class.  Spanish 101. She has tutored in Spanish for quite a while and has a ‘bucket list’ goal to be fluent. So here she starts.  She spends her days pricing plane tickets to Guatemala and Norway.

Josh has fallen in love with all of football—playing it (in the backyard or at co-op) and watching.  His little brother has joined him and the spend many hours outside (even yesterday when it was rainy and COLD. brrr.)

Speaking of football…have you seen this video?  Love it.

Rachel, our social butterfly, spends her days forming play dates.  She recently came to me and shared that she had a glow stick that was still glowing. She was very excited because she had asked God to let it glow for a long time so she would be reminded of His love. It lasted about a month!!  It was a pretty cool thing! She had it hanging on her bed so she could look at it at night.


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