January 9, 2012

A Year of Commitment

Our church’s Engage Service went through several books this past year (such as Radical, Crazy Love) and really considered what it was that God would have us to do as a church and as His people.

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Here is what we are doing as a church:

The Radical Experiment is a one year experiment that engage is undertaking in 2011-2012. The goal of this experiment is for individuals, families, and our faith family to spend our lives for the sake of the church, the lost, and the poor around the world for the glory of God. During our Radical Experiment we are committing to five challenges:

1.  Pray daily for world missions.
2.  Read through the entire Word.
3.  Practice consistent tithing and sacrificial giving.
4.  Spend time in another context.
5.  Commit to a multiplying community.

How we are living this out as a family:

We using the book Operation World (and also using their online feature) to pray for the world.

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We have a map in the kitchen (great decoration don’t you think? it screams homeschool family..lol) and are putting a dot on each country as we pray for them. Great to beef up our geography skills as well!


We and the big kids are reading the Bible through chronologically using this plan:


The little kids are making sure they read their devotion books and Bible each day (thankfully, they both love their devotion books and Bible reading!)

We have started small groups to enter into community and to reach out. Greg and I (with another couple) are leading a SS small group with an outreach focus of reaching and ministering to orphans and widows (in our community and abroad.) 

We had our first meeting yesterday and I am so excited! It is a great group of like minded people but with very varied background/season of lives—which I love! It will be sure to add some great diversity to our group! 

Waiting expectantly to see what God does. :)

sharing what God has done in our lives recently—so grateful for His presence in our lives!

Resources to help you in your own journey http://www.radicalexperiment.org/resources.html


  1. how exciting! Sounds like a wonderful year this is going to be! I just started reading, and am almost finished reading "not a fan." Ohhhhh my goodness - good read!!!

  2. Don't forget Helping without Hurting!
    there are a few others I need to read, 1 million Arrows, Hole in the Gospel are 2. I LOVEd Radical and Crazy Love, stirred us up!


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