February 21, 2012

5 yr old boy needs a family and home.

A beautiful 5 yr old boy with a wide smile and bright eyes needs a family of his own and someone to call him son. Can that possibly be you? Or someone you know?
Please share this post to help us find his family!
Name: “AU”

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: Ethiopia (Gambella region)

Waiting Since: December 23, 2011

Summary: This smiley boy loves to play soccer with the other children and cannot wait to find his forever family!

Heart tugged? Want to find out more about UA?

IAN's Waiting Children Info Email

IAN's Phone Number

Thank you for helping us to advocate for “AU”!

About the Gambella Region of Ethiopia:

The Gambella region is located in the southwestern part of Ethiopia of the boarder of Susan. The Gambella Peoples National Regional State has been In the midst of a villagization program action plan for the last few years. With the large amount of natural resources available in the area, the Ethiopian government hopes to expand and improve farming practices and uplift socioeconomic status . There are large areas of nutrient rich land they hope to assist families in relocating to as well as assisting them with food and medical services. Although farming in the Gambella region is a large part of the community and family structure it does not come without risk as many parts of the area along the riverside are prone to flood hazards.

The Gambella region comes from a history of violence and upset leading to financial struggles that many of its residents face. Prolonged effects of war, slow farming seasons, and low income has lead to malnutrition in the area. There is not regular access to potable water, sufficient firewood, transportation to or from the markets, sustainable incomes outside of farming, or access to education and medical care. While the region has experienced war, destitute poverty, and floods it remains a strong community. Nutrient rich soil, seemingly endless farming options, and natural irrigation make this a beautiful and fruitful area for the region’s farmers.

Baro River at Sunset

Lake Wenchi

Location: Southwestern part of Ethiopia
Capital: Gambella
President: ato Umed Ubong
Area: 25,274 square kilometers
Topography: 300-2000 meters above sea level
Climate: warm, cool
Population: 222,000
Working language: Amharic
Distance from Addis Ababa to Gambella: 777 kilometers
Notable Features: Fisheries, Baro river, The Alwero Dam, Cotton, Palm Oil, Natural Gas, Wild Mango, Coffee, Ancient societies

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Gambella National Regional State

Gambella National Park


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