February 13, 2012

Adoptive Baby Book and a Kissing Teshale

I was recommended this adoptive baby book the other day for T.  I glanced through it online and it looks great. There was also several recommendations from people about it on fb..and it’s only around $11 bucks!

Update: I just got this in and I love it! Highly recommend it!

My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families

Now..for Ab..we just used a scrapbook and created our own journey (which I am very neglectful on right now! need to work on that pronto!)

And to leave you with some cute pictures….Teshale has learned to kiss…or rather suck your face while you wait to see if he is going to sink his teeth into you…but that’s just all semantics. :)

Blowing a kiss


Rebekah’s disclaimer: Sorry I look like a butt here..and I smelled like turkey sandwiches…  (she just got home from working—the disclaimer was the only way she’d let me put the pics up)



  1. Ha ha, well I was about to say that she looks like her mother here, but I guess maybe that wouldn't be a good thing to say right now. ; ) -Dana S.


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