February 17, 2012

Flashback Friday Outer Banks 2007

The Outer Banks (Avon/Hatteras area)  is one of the our usual beach stops…We haven’t been there for a couple of years though.

In fact, we realized that Ab has never been there. We need to correct that soon!

This picture we used in our home study/dossier for Abenezer.

Kiddos look so little there!

Cindy's Pics of Nagshead 168Cindy's Pics of Nagshead 170Cindy's Pics of Nagshead 172

My dad and I. I really like this picture. :)

Nagshead 2007 035

This year we are going to a completely new spot in Florida to visit some friends (and the beach!) in Panama City.

Can’t wait for that!

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