February 1, 2012

Hoping You Home


I have been working on a couple of things recently that I have been super excited about!

One of these is a chance to work with our agency, IAN,  and other adoptive parents to advocate for waiting children and providing support and help to parents along the way through a blog, Hoping You Home.

Now before you email me and give me your opinion……Let me share that I know that not everyone is called to older child/waiting children adoption. I know that it is hard and has a lot of issues that come along with it.  I know the heartbreaking stories out there…but I also know the stories filled of redemption and love. 

Just as I would not discourage marriage because of a high divorce rate and terrible stories, I cannot discourage older child adoption because of some of the heartbreaking stories out there.

What I do want to do that is make sure that parents go into it prepared with eyes wide open and that you are supported throughout the journey. 

I never want to paint a fairy tale picture and I promise you I am not looking through rose colored glasses…but I do want to share the beauty and need of the children that are still waiting for a family and home of their own.

We will advocate for children still waiting and share testimonies, older child adoption helps, and a Wish I Had Known series on this blog to help you!

Please go take a look at  www.hopingyouhomeian.blogspot.com and follow along!

I also invite you to send me your stories or Wish I Had Known answers to help others in their walk.

Email them to me at gcknight@verizon.net

And…to end with some cute baby bath pictures. Little man loves the water! Can you tell?




1 comment:

  1. This is so great Charisa! I love your perspective and know this will help so many kids find their forever families!! I can't wait to follow along!


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