February 22, 2012

Pictures and GPG!

There are a couple of things I am pretty excited about and looking forward to.

One being this:

Global Prayer Gathering Header

with my adoption/internet bff  Nikki.  You know how some people you just click with?  She’s one of those people who truly encouraged me during our wait, loss of referral, and other days in our journey. I am pretty pumped to be seeing her face to face…and to spend a weekend together, joining a 1000 other people, and going before our Father pleading for those in slavery and oppression.

It sold out already this year!

You can still add your name to the wait list though.  This is the earliest that I have ever seen it sold out which is pretty neat. I hope that speaks to an awareness rising in America.  They also have live sessions online. I will be sure to post the link when those are up.

Any other friends going to be there?

I am also excited about my big kids and Greg going here in Sept. (thanks for picture Carolyn!)


and working in the school, orphanage, and community with the Blocks and the Uchereks.

Stay tuned to a fundraiser we will be doing in March selling some fabulous items with Delicate Fortress Creations!  

Here is what I love about them!

We believe women shouldn’t be forced to relinquish or sell their children in order to allow for their survival.

We believe in culturally appropriate opportunity, investment and advocacy.

We bet you do too.

Women around the world need you to become educated on issues of social injustice, need you to make decisions that will empower their livelihoods and that of their children and communities.

So we bring you shopping with purpose. Each item you find in our store provides dignity, livelihood and fair wages to female artisans all over the world. We’re fighting for women and their children. Come fight with us.

There are beautiful earrings, baby items, household, bracelets, and on and on.  All good prices with a great purpose! Smile

Stay tuned for that! It will only be 1 week long!

And, Bekah had a photoshoot with T yesterday and took some pictures I love.  Quite honestly, sometimes I still find it hard to believe he is here and he is our son. (except at 3 am. I am pretty sure he is then. ha!)

As you can tell, he love his belly…and the remote.





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