February 9, 2012

Skip coffee today—help bring U home!

See this family? Aren’t they beautiful?

I have had the privilege knowing Julie since before we brought Ab home.  We have a very special connection through our Ethiopian children…and I am so blessed to announce that they are adopting again!

Julie and her husband said  “Yes!” to a six year old boy that I advocated for a couple of weeks ago.  They blessed me in their obedience and faith filled leap.

They are now in the process of raising the funds to bring him home.  Can you spare $8?  $8 is the cost of 2 lattes, or a lunch out.

Can you skip one today and help this little man come home and bless this family?

God doesn’t call all of us to adopt..but he does call all of us to care for the orphan. Is this your way to do that today?

Go here to read their story and donate through paypal


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