March 5, 2012

6 months! Has it really been that long?

This past week we had our 6 month post placement report.

I cannot believe that Teshale has been here that long. Wow. We are blessed to have him in our family.

How is he doing? Good.  He is a happy baby with a toddler temper tantrum thrown in every so often…He LOVES food. and is growing like a weed.  We tried him in the nursery last week and he made it through SS until he heard daddy’s voice checking on him. This past week he didn’t make it through SS but that’s okay. We don’t mind at all. And our community group (that meets during SS) is gracious to him waddling around distracting us.  :)

This was the “oh no, we need a family photo for our meeting!!” picture and my pal, Cindy took one for us. Josh is looking like he is 5 here. I think he was back further on the couch than everyone else. Awful picture of all of us. (no fault to the’s all us. lol) Well, T is okay. But..hey..they needed a family picture.


And…something I am going to work on for the month. Decluttering. It seems like I do it all the time, but I swear that junk multiplies during the night!

So I am joining up with Simple Mom to declutter each week a specific spot.

This week:  Kid stuff. oh yea.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

And…can you do me a favor?  Can you go and follow our blog Hoping You Home?

Here we are sharing about waiting children and older child adoption. We’d love to have you on our journey and help us to advocate for and provide resources for parents. If you know of a great older child adoption resource, feel free to email me at or if you’d like to share your testimony or answer the Wish I had Known questions too!

And we’d love for you to include its button on your blog!


Just add it under pictures and link it to I am working on one of those text box codes soon (I am having to learn as I go!) but this will do for now.

Thanks friends! We got 6 inches of snow today as a surprise when we woke up! Off to fix hot chocolate and do some decluttering! :)

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  1. Your family is awesome, you guys have the gift of youth!!


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