March 28, 2012

Baby E and some GREAT coffee

A couple of weeks ago I heard about a very special girl from our agency.  Her story captured my heart right from the beginning and when I saw her beautiful face, the grip tightened even more.  My heart was pulled to the point of crying over her and asking my husband if we were the ones to pursue her adoption (we’re not) but we are to advocate for her.

Here is her story from our agency:

Her Story:

Baby E was born on February 15, 2012 in a remote village in Ethiopia. Very little is known about E’s family; her birth mother left her at a medical clinic immediately after her birth.

Baby E was born with a condition known as a parasitic twin, a form of conjoined twinning in which the second twin does not fully develop and does not survive. In Baby E’s case, this has resulted in her having two extra legs at her right hip, and two additional, partially developed hands. Other than her significant limb differences, Baby E appears to be completely healthy: her primary two legs are fully formed and appear functional; her upper body is not involved.

IAN is honored to be entrusted with Baby E’s care. While finding the very special adoptive family this very special girl will need is important, taking care of her medical and physical needs takes first priority. Until an adoptive family is found, IAN gladly takes responsibility for pursuing her medical care. Every available treatment will be sought for Baby E in order to ensure that has the opportunity to achieve her fullest potential and minimize the impact of her limb differences.

Currently the top specialists in the country are currently reviewing Baby E’s case to determine how they can help her. IAN is working with embassy officials and the Ethiopian government to bring her to the US for surgery.

The expenses associated with Baby E’s care will be significant; travel to and from Ethiopia for treatment, foster care expenses, adoption costs, and of course medical treatment.

I wish that I could show you her picture, but trust me, she is beautiful and I know that God has something very special planned for her life and I am grateful that our agency was entrusted for her care.

Now..what can we do?

#1 We can be praying for her. That she gets the medical care that she needs and that she continues to be strong and healthy.

#2 That the perfect adoptive family for her can be found that will be equipped and able to handle her needs.

#3 We can help with the funds for her care. 

  • You can do this by donating at and put Baby E in the comment box.
  • Or by ordering some GREAT coffee at  and some exciting news is that today  and tomorrow (March 28 and 29) they are having a special of buy 3 bags and get 1 free  (Roast Master Days! Today and tomorrow- buy 3 bags, get 1 of Jason's choice free!)
    •   Just make sure you are in Baby E’s store when purchasing! They have great coffee!  Baby E’s fund received $5 for each bag you purchase!! (and receives credit for anything else you purchase!)

Just make sure you are in Baby E’s store when you are at the order page! It will have her name at the top!

  • You and your family or friends can host your own fundraiser to help Baby E with medical care. Contact me for some ideas if you need some!

Now-- Leave this page and go buy some coffee!! The perfect Mother’s Day gift! (hint hint to a man called Greg)


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