March 6, 2012

Dear eldest child:

You know your mom is trying to get in shape. And how much she is tempted by sweets. specifically chocolate.  You took it upon yourself to be my boss encourager tormenter  trainer.

So why do you insist on making things like this:


Seriously. It’s not right. I hold you accountable for any setbacks or weight gain.

(by the way it is scrumptious! if you like pretzels (the crust is pretzels) and chocolate…go to

and get the recipe. Bekah did forget to add the lemon and it was still great :))


  1. I will not go get the recipe as I am on week three of weight watchers and that feels like the wrong thing to make right now. It looks awesome, though! :)

  2. tell your oldest I like to read her rants, I mean blogs! She can funnel her energy there after cleaning up after her creation!!!


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