March 13, 2012

The Forgotten Initiative


I like many of my friends who have been adopted internationally have been asked many times (often by complete strangers) why not here? Why not adopt here when there are so many children here who need help.

It’s hard to answer such a question (well, not really hard but it’s just going to take up a lot of your time as I answer it because it is not a simple one word answer and I am not a short answer type of gal)  It basically comes down to calling. We were called to Ethiopia.  We did research domestic and foster care.  And I have been known to be up on more than once looking at children and having my heart broken.  We did research being foster parents and even went through a lot of the steps but right now is not our time due to our family dynamics and the fragileness of some of our children’s hearts.


We do want to play our part. And help. And be a light. And love these children and families that step up to care for them.

So as of yesterday, I am officially an advocate with The Forgotten Initiative for our area.  I am super excited about this!! 

I have talked to our local agency and they are excited as well to have people step up to commit to helping! To find out more:

Visit our facebook page 

Those of you who are local, we are immediately starting  2 initiatives:

Journey Bag Initiative:

Children often come into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Journey Bags are backpacks filled with personal items for them to use when they are abruptly taken out of their homes.

 Project Sunshine: 

After children are removed from their homes, they often wait for hours in agency rooms until a foster home is located. Project Sunshine was birthed out of a desire to create friendly spaces for kids during this dark time in their lives. With every room makeover we complete, our prayer is that children will know how very special they are

Visit the fb link to find out more or email me at  for further details.

And..for those that can’t physically help but would like to help buy supplies for the children for these projects you can donate (tax deductible) here:

make sure to put TFI Augusta County VA in your note!


Our Mission:

To bring joy and purpose to the foster care community.


Our Method:

Mobilize the Body of Christ

Understand the needs of the foster care community.

Communicate those needs to the Body.

Connect them together by:

-Educating, Equipping, and Supporting

TFI photos for web and brochures (4)

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!! :)

    Have been asked that question ourselves- some people assume we have adopted all of our children from overseas...he he he....Quick answer- THEY ALL NEED HOMES!!!! AMEN!!!! :)


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