March 11, 2012

Various Adoption Helps

I am collecting various adoption helps from various sites and groups.  Here are the ones that I came across this week!


We Believe in Christmas

A multi ethnic family is pictured throughout this story. Click on the link to see the pages.

Below was recommended by another mom.

Fasten Your Sweet Belt: 10 Things You Need to Know About Older Child Adoption


And a new book coming out soon! :

(from the website)

International adoptions have steadily increased over the past decade, yet there is a surprising lack of resources to introduce the beauty of adoption to children. Adopted children want to know their story. Siblings want to know what to expect. Parents want to know how to convey the deep love they feel. "Mommy's Heart Went POP!" is a children's book that brings the beauty of international adoption to the entire family through a simple story of love for a child. It includes rich illustrations depicting a universal journey and resources for families exploring their own adoption journey.


this was an interesting read from a child’s perspective:

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