April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a bit different for us as a family. Easter was always Greg’s mom’s holiday. She did big baskets and had dinner at her house. Egg hunt was always at her place.  In fact, I never did much candy in the Easter baskets because she always did a bunch. That realization was hard this year.

But we are thankful that we serve a Risen King that has us celebrate Easter all year long. May we be aware of that miracle throughout the year.  The miracle that allows us eternal fellowship with Him—a fellowship Greg’s mom is enjoying right now.

I found by accident these Ethiopia colored sandals for Ab. He liked those!


It’s a long stretch to get those eggs!


And the Easter egg hunt is on!! 205 eggs hidden and all the kids (and my niece’s friends from college went hunting)  They may have found special eggs that contains rubber bands, paperclips, tea bags,  cat food, dog food, chains, s hooks, duck sauce, and soy sauce.  :)


Another Knight cousin tradition. The gambling of the Easter egg candy. I am so ashamed.


All the cousins





favorite picture of the day


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