April 30, 2012

if you were here…you may have heard:

a discussion on whether zombies poop or not.  The ending statement was “they eat brains so of course they do” Yes. Dad was proud of the oldest boy’s critical thinking skills. And people were worried about me homeschooling them. Sheesh.


the love of my life telling me that my hair was 1/3 grey and not everyone “can pull that off.” He promises that it was a compliment.



us laughing at the same man drinking his water out of this:

because his wife stinks at maintaining the home.  Thank God he loves me.


you may have also heard 3 precious children yelling for mom to come out and watch their soccer skills so they could freak me out with this:

it worked. Yes, it’s dead. they found it on their walk and drug it home just for the purpose of laughing at me.


T calling Rebekah “Bobby”


you may have also heard the eldest girl blasting Disney songs in Spanish. She promises me she’s studying. and that they sound much better in Spanish.

1 comment:

  1. I love Bekah's expression at being called Bobby!
    1/3 gray, really? You sure can pull it off! And to get my hubby in trouble I asked him what percentage of gray hair he would estimate I have..... You know that man is smart, he said "gray hair? I hadn't noticed any gray hair...."


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