April 25, 2012

Journey Bags—Are they really needed?

More journey bags ready to go!

How does this help? Are they really needed? YES! Every single foster parent I have talked to have given us a emphatic yes. So many times children come with nothing. Not a thing. If they do have something it’s in a trash bag. Foster parents may not know if this child will be with them for a weekend or a week or a month. Stipends come a month later. This is needed and so appreciated by the parents, children, and DSS staff.

Read these thoughts from foster dad Jeff Jordan

"One thing that has always bothered me is the children who have come to our home with nothing more than the clothes on their back and a single, solitary trash bag containing the sum or their entire existence. It's almost as if that bag is a metaphor of their lives, of their value, of their place in our society-as if their feelings, hopes, and dreams are worthy of little esteem and nearly no consideration. Sometimes I think we might as well have painted a scarlet letter on that crude plastic.
At times I've wanted to burn those bags, severe from the present such tangible reminders of a heinous past and uncertain future-to start again. I've always resisted.
I suppose we could posit some theological argument about the value of things, of possessions, of bags and how little they should matter to us "good Christians." This, finer point of our faith however, is likely lost on a child so deeply ingrained in the current predicament- this fearful and insecure child whose daily struggles are a constant reminder of how little he or she actually has to hold onto.
It's surely not lost on them, this trash bag-especially the older ones. They must notice "normal" children around them consuming the abundance of the wealthiest country in human history, while they themselves suffer the loss of relationships and things-while their life follows them around in something most just throw away. A normal bag, however seemingly trite, must surely be worth the small investment to assuage some anxiety of the least of our brothers and sisters."

You can read more from Jeff over at www.jeffjordanblog.com

Now, let me show how people have been stepping up!



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