April 12, 2012

Off to DC for the GPG!

Tomorrow I am off to International Justice Mission’s Global Prayer Gathering!

Global Prayer Gathering Header

And I can’t wait!  I will be meeting a precious friend from Colorado there as well.

You can visit Nichol’s blog over at http://starrchasers.wordpress.com/

This is always a highlight of the year, being able to join together with 1,000 other people and join together in fervent prayer for the oppressed and lifting our hearts in worship to our God who seeks and loves justice. I love to hear from the directors and other IJM workers who are on the frontlines every day, often risking their lives, but being so dedicated to fighting for justice for those who can’t fight for themselves.

For those who’d like join in from home, register here for the GPG online:


And…if the dog and Teshale are too quiet, I just might find them like this:

with a box of KIX.  At least they were sharing.

t and clyde

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