May 25, 2012

7 people + 14+ hours in cramped car = vacation

We survived! :) Actually we had a fabulous time at Panama City Beach! Enjoying the ocean (so beautiful and clear so I could watch for sharks and other wildlife that might eat me or the kiddos) and our dear long lost friends.

We took off early (you may have seen from Bekah’s post) due to lack of water all of sudden (Dad got a little crazy with ripping cabinets out) (and that no one had taken showers because we were doing it that night so we could hop up and leave early) and off we were!

How to survive this trip with kids for that long?

Well, you sing We are the World a dozen times and pretend that you are all the singers..Dad especially loves this one.

The middle son will try to balance the football on his eye for a period of time while the youngest girl yells “you are going to mess your eye up”


While mom drives, Dad takes random pictures of things and keeps saying if you want to stop somewhere just say “by golly, that looks interesting!”

We had fun with stories of this picture…


Decide something does look interesting..but can’t find it after a 1/2 hr and give up.

Lake Seminole…we never found.


Decide to go to Butter Bean Beach (yes, for real) while driving through Savannah, Georgia(because the GPS said it was the closest point of interest) and found it.

ummm. yea. it was a swamp with a patch of sand right beside the highway. for real.

and here is a review of it from our wonderful internet

Butter Bean Beach is magnificent vacation destination to visit during family getaways. This is one of the most sought after beaches in Georgia State that offers a range of recreational activities and excellent settings for various other activities. Kayaking, surfing, swimming along with watching various species of birds and marine life is quite popular among the visitors. This place is like paradise for visitors who love to fish as there are many fishing sites that provide the visitors an ability to easily find them.

Seriously. I wish our pics came out. because. ummm..nothing. we died laughing at the patch of sand with about 5 people on it. and it was crowded.

  And vowed to never follow GPS point of interest again.

Stop and seen some wonderful friends along the way and remember how much you miss them.

Ab was enthralled with the uniform



nice face Bekah


feed T lots of snacks.


Be driven nuts by your VERY talkative 9 yr old brother.


take lots of random pictures



Quick diaper changes


thankful for a handicap parking permit


calm cleansing breaths


trying to figure out how little we can order and still be full :)


and someone was tired of vacation


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