May 31, 2012

A Tired Brain

Ever been so brain tired that you can’t even think to  write a blog post?

Yes, that’s where I am at right now. Phew.

Lots of things going on (12 yr old birthday campout, soccer festival, TFI projects, 14 yr old birthday, yard sale for Guatemala) and lots of things going in my head.

Lots of decisions to be made—some which are hard decisions where there doesn’t seem to be any ‘right’ answer.

Lots of things to weigh heavy on my heart—and a lot of them I can’t change or make right.

I need to write a yearly report for Ab—and I should be doing instead of writing this blog post. I need to gather homeschool stuff and update transcripts—but I am scared to go in the school storage spot. I might got lost forever.

I am determined to get in shape during the summer while I have extra time. (sure I do) so I can just maintain over the school year. Now..if can only get Rebekah to stop making things like ‘fresh picked strawberry filled scones’.

So…with that. I am going to leave you with a bunch of random stuff.

Nikki and I in DC (who by the way received her referral of a precious baby girl while we were at the beach!!)


Ethiopian dress that our friend Fekadu sent me. I love it.  If you are headed to Ethiopia and need a driver/guide and FRIEND—contact him! His contact info is up above under Ethiopian Travel Tips.


Book that I am finally reading:

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Book that I am reading next:

Product Details

And where I think you should shop--and use this link :)

Because they sell things like these that  are Presented by the Starfish Project, the purchase of these earrings will benefit women escaping lives of forced prostitution in Asia.

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