May 21, 2012

Vacation through Bekah’s eyes


Vacation. Picture it--- two annoying teenagers (one of whom is a back seat driver), one grumpy-pants preteen, a talkative 9 year old,  an attention seeking toddler, a mother who is a total back seat (passenger seat?) driver, and our faithful driver, who loves Hampton Inns.

So Thursday night, we begin our long and treacherous journey. We originally were going to leave Friday morning, but while they were ripping out the cabinets so new ones could be put in, something went GRJHEFIBTBNHFSO and the water broke.

Driving. 14 hours. In a car. With 7 people.


After 2 1/2 days of driving (we had to go really slow because we left early but couldn’t check in early). We finally were in Panama City Beach.

So Monday morning we begin our first full day at the beach.


He thinks it’s funny when I bite his fingers? I don’t know…



And that night, we ate dinner at Olive Garden. At 1am I started barfing. I threw up—no joke, for 15 minutes straight. I ended up falling asleep on the bathroom floor. So Tuesday I hung out in the condo for most of the day, but when I did emerge on Tuesday:

IMG_5042 - Copy     We have lots of good discussions. It’s hard to take him seriously when he’s standing around in a diaper though..

IMG_5060 - CopyIMG_5067 - CopyIMG_5078IMG_5080IMG_5109IMG_5121

Wednesday. Except for mum and T, we went on an airboat ride. We were supposed to see alligators, but um, no, that didn’t happen. After that we just hung out at the beach.



On Thursday we rented a pontoon boat and went to Shell Island and rode around.


IMG_5304     So you know when you’re walking in really dry sand and it makes that awful squeaky noise? It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I cannot stand it. It makes me want to punch something, I hate it so much.

AND we saw not one, but two hammerhead sharks that day. One was probably like 3 feet and the other was about 9. Just kidding, it was like 5ish, but 9 feet sounds better.



Ma and Pa left to go get dessert with some friends…so I had to put Teshale to bed..and..well…basically, you have to hold him down until he stops moving…and I was there with him so long I fell asleep. Also note: Scrooge the Musical shirt---at the beach, yeah buddy, I wear Christmas shirts in the summer.

and then we drove home..enjoy this fabulous video of us entertaining ourselves in the car. Make sure you watch until the end to see Teshale licking his feet.


Oh and why did I mention that Hampton Inn is my father’s favorite cheap hotel? Well, on the way back, we were kind of being complainers, so he stopped at a Comfort Inn. Long story short: Ew. Never again. I will always love you Hampton.

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  1. Three things: I never noticed before JUST how much Josh looks like his momma, Ab's persistent hand waving at the beginning was rockin', and Teshale's foot trick was simultaneously disgusting and endearing. ;)


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