June 22, 2012

More about the 4 and 9 yr old brothers! STILL waiting!

Remember these brothers? I first told you about them here:


These little guys are still waiting!

Hear from a dad who was recently there about them:

AH is a nine-year-old boy who made me feel a father’s pride the moment I saw him. For a child who has been through the wringer of being an orphan there is a light in his eyes, a comfort and confidence that is incredibly rare. He is old enough that he knows what’s happening in the orphanage, but outgoing and happy enough to not let the constant flow of forever families coming to see their kids get him down. As soon as we got out of the van, he came up to me and decided to be my tour guide. As my wife held our daughter, he asked “Baba” or “daddy”? It broke my heart to tell him we weren’t taking him, but instead our little girl.

AH is looking for a strong father figure. He gravitates toward the men who visit, and that’s important. He belongs with a family that will provide him that father-son connection that he craves. Even when I held our daughter, he stayed with me. Like any other boy, he loves shooting basketballs or kicking the soccer ball around. I believe AH came from a strong family environment, because he knows the dynamics of family and looks to be part of a good one. AH is very connected to his little brother MH in a profound way. When AH stepped away from me for a moment, it was to introduce my wife to MH, who was playing on the slide. AH is smart, intuitive, and a leader. MH is a typical little boy. Energetic and playful, he is more reserved and quieter than his older brother. AH is definitely his little brother’s keeper.

AH will be a perfect fit in any family. One of the most important things to know about AH came from an interaction he had with my whole family. Our daughter was being a bit fussy while I held her. My wife tried to entertain her, without much success. But AH came up, started tickling her belly, and chanting her name followed by “America”. She lit up and then started laughing uncontrollably. He knew her tendencies and what he had to do to lighten her mood. If we had been approved for a kid his age, I would have taken him just to help translate for our daughter. I’ve always wanted a boy, and AH is such an all-American boy. Both AH and MH will make some family very happy to have sons with such sunny dispositions and compassionate souls.

Would you like to know more about these brothers? Would you like to talk to this family about them? See pictures? Email me at gcknight@verizon.net and I can connect you with them.

If you’d like to talk to IAN about adopting these sweet brothers:

IAN's Waiting Children Info Email waitingkids@internationaladoptionnet.org

IAN's Phone Number

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