June 22, 2012

More about the 8 and 6 yr old sisters! STILL waiting!

Remember those sweet sisters who are waiting? I posted about them first here:


They are still waiting..but they are now at our agency’s care center and a family was blessed to meet them and fall in love with them!  They have new pictures and wrote this about them:

SK is a sweet eight-year-old girl who can light up a room with her smile. Her gentle nature makes her a natural care-giver to the other children. She is playful and energetic. She was immediately attracted to our 13 year old daughter on our visit to the care center. I think she found a like soul. Both girls loved looking at jewelry and dancing to pop music. One of my most cherished photos is of my daughter and SK – whose name means “Peace”. I can’t think of a more beautiful name for a more beautiful girl. My daughter gave her a much cherished bracelet when we left on our last day. They made a connection that touches my heart. SK would make an incredible, loving, compassionate, helpful addition to any family. I so hope her forever family is not far away.

BK is SK’s 6 year old sister. When I returned home and was going through our hundreds of pictures, I would always stop and laugh when I saw this little girl. She had the best smile and the silliest disposition. She always appeared to be flexing for my camera! I loved that. She seems so much older than her 6 years. One day while playfully clapping my hands she grabbed them and together we began to play a game that involved us clapping our hands in unison with one another – think patty cake. I had no idea what the rhyme was she was singing to me as we played together, but it brought us both such delight. We would play it over and over again each time we saw one another. We laughed and laughed and ultimately ended up in a hug exhausted by the activity.

These two beautiful sisters left an indelible mark on me. I was so certain some family had snatched them up! Imagine my surprise when I found both of their gorgeous faces on the waiting child list. I know their forever family is out there. And what a lucky family they are! I know many of us enter adoption thinking we need younger children or babies. We were the same. We waited on the many lists for over a year before receiving our referral. Our first trip to the care center is still fresh in our minds; as are all of the wonderful children. I left with such a strong connection to the older children. They know what it means to have a family – they remember having a mom and dad and they are so anxious and excited to be a part of a unit like that again. I would gladly talk to any family considering the adoption of these sisters. My heart honestly feels called to help find them their forever home!


Would you like to know more about these sisters? Would you like to talk to Andrea about them?  See pictures? Email me at gcknight@verizon.net and I can connect you with her.

If you’d like to talk to IAN about adopting these sweet sisters:

IAN's Waiting Children Info Email    waitingkids@internationaladoptionnet.org

IAN's Phone Number

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