June 7, 2012

Project Sunshine!

This past Monday we had our first ever Project Sunshine with The Forgotten Initiative-Augusta County.

It was a great day-aside from me getting a nice shiner:

Photo: bruise is looking good today :)

Let’s just say that you should not use a hammer to get a stuck screw out of the wall while standing on a chair :)

We were so blessed by all the people who helped to make this happen…and by the social workers who came in to thank us and share their heart.

June is TFI National’s Foster Care Worker Month—How can you bless the people who have really hard jobs this month?

Check out the National Facebook Page www.facebook.com/forgotteninitiative

Or our local one: www.facebook.com/tfi.augusta 

to see an idea for each day of June!

I can promise you—you will be the one to walk away blessed. I was!

Read this post from Jessi (TFI’s Director of Operations)  on what it’s like to be a social worker (who worked 9 years in child welfare)


and a couple of pictures of my oh, so cute helpers— (in other words..big sister was working and couldn’t babysit!)



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