June 6, 2012

Thinking Back

I just realized that this is the week that one year ago today we were experiencing two very different emotions. Grief and Joy.

We had loved and prepared for and dreamed about Baby M for over 3 months and was prepared to leave on Friday to go to court. We then we received the call that his mother had signed him out of the care center and taken him home. We hadn’t ever even considered that because he had been at an orphanage for over 6 months. It was a very hard day where we questioned our staying the course with adoption..

You can read more about our hearts on that day here


and then a couple days later—JOY


We saw this picture for the very first time—a teeny tiny baby boy who needed a home and a family.


As I look back I am still connected to that first baby boy—I pray that he is healthy, that he is loved, that his mother is well and able to love him and take care of him. We were connected for a reason and a purpose-that much I know for sure.

We have our “better one”—the one we were supposed to have as our son and I am so thankful for him. even when he tries to bite our toes. :)

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