July 18, 2012

A Year Ago

A year ago today we were going to court in Ethiopia for Teshale.

We stood in a crowded waiting area for what seemed like forever (thankfully we were told to head straight for the one and only window when we got there for air)

While waiting we watched.

Watched the kids in the street shine shoes.  Watched them discover us and smile and wave and make gestures trying to get us to come down.

Watched women with a portable coffee stuff going up and down the street serving coffee to people.

Watched a variety of people in the waiting room as they talked in in different languages.  Watched many of them go in the court room and come back out—either crying and happy or looking relieved that it was over.

Watched court officials and agency workers continually telling people waiting to be quiet.

Watched birth families—specifically one young male as he flipped through a photo book over and over and over again with such sadness. This broke our heart and brought Greg and I both to tears as we imagined our sons’ families in this room.

Watched the Ethiopian judge as she sat behind and desk and ask us if we were prepared, if our children at home were ready, if we were going to teach our son about Ethiopia, if we had met him and still wanted to adopt him.

And then it was over. We didn’t pass that day waiting on the infamous letter and had to wait for 2 weeks. Then he was our son legally (by the courts) but he had been for many weeks already in our hearts!!

Some pictures from a trip down memory lane:

This was our first look at him ever :)




Cannot imagine our life without this little guy in it. He has stolen all of our hearts and is spoiled rotten.

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  1. I am sure glad you got him out of the pink! :)


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