October 22, 2012

Meeting T’s Mom

From Greg:

As Rebekah and I approach the end of our flight and the first Project HOPEFUL FIG Awassa trip, I'm thinking about all of the people we met, homes we visited, and how we were able to catch a glimpse of their lives and the daily challenges that I can't imagine how I would cope with.   These stories will be coming as I get them down on ‘paper’.

One of the biggest blessings of our trip is that we had the pleasure of meeting with Teshale's mother.  A beautiful woman whose story makes our hearts ache.

We are so thankful that she had the courage to come.

Adoption is beautiful and a gift to us..but it comes with such heartache to others. Circumstances and pain that is hard to comprehend and is quite often completely unfair.

Here is a glimpse into that meeting:


sharing pictures of Teshale:



Telling her that her son is beautiful just like she is.


A beautiful woman who has now become part of our family.


(thank you to Joel for capturing this moment!)

October 2, 2012

The Lake Reunion

A little bit over a year ago we were blessed to travel with this family to pick up Teshale.


We were delighted to meet them again this past weekend and catch up!  Hannah and Jimmy have been very supportive of Project Hopeful Awassa and Hannah is our wonderful newsletter writer! :)  It was great to have time to talk (in the midst of chasing two very active toddlers!)

Some pictures of our weekend!

This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it!


Teshale was in pink again..just the good ole’ days at the care center :)

Two VERY busy toddlers!

So very thankful for the connections we have made through our adoptions!

We are now creatively packing at home for Bekah and Greg’s trip to Ethiopia! More to come on that soon!

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