November 17, 2012

Fall in the Valley

We are blessed to live in a beautiful valley.

Mountains all around and it is beautiful in the fall.





Preacher man :)


November 6, 2012

Ethiopian Coffee Anyone?


Ethiopian coffee anyone?

We have some awesome whole bean Tomoca coffee for sale to pay for the next trip to Ethiopia.

500 g bags. (1.1 lb)

$20 a bag (includes shipping--locals it's $15 for you!)

BEST coffee in the world. Let me know if you want a bag!

PS. We have a limited supply. (and I am still debating on how much to hoard  keep for myself. So..if you want it..order soon!

Paypal link is:

November 1, 2012

Fun Times

Leave a baby for a while with a cup of milk—you may end up with this:

And if you hear him yelling ‘shabundy” over and over….it really means that has taken the wet coffee grounds out of the trash and rubbed them all over your couch.

And Greg and I have never been so proud of Rebekah to end up on Duck Dynasty’s Look-A-Like site. Page 9. My daughter. Dressed like Si.

A gem this girl is. :) 

This is what she does on Fridays while we are at co-op….instead of studying for her CLEP tests.


Yep.  Just an average day at our house.

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