December 26, 2012

Christmas Time

Christmas was quite a bit different this year. First year without Greg’s mom, still grieving and coping with Dad’s loss, and a lot of either things that threatened to take joy from us. There is so much loss and heartache in our family and with our friends around us. It was overwhelming at times.

A lot of processing going on here in our home and I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything..much less prepare for Christmas.

Thankfully, we know the true meaning of Christmas and that it’s not about gifts, cookies, decorations…but JESUS…so thankful for His peace and His joy.

Here are some snapshots of Christmas this year.

Caroling with friends




My Santa :)


Our Christmas tree bit the dust. so we started a new tradition. torch the tree Christmas morning.


Visiting with cousins..



A friend had sent these luminaries last year to use to send up in remembrance of Greg’s mom. We were able to use the Christmas evening and send them up for Greg’s mom and my dad.

After the first one we realized we weren’t going to burn the neighborhood down….we had a special time sending them up.

Thank you Kathy!




May all of His peace and joy be yours!

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