October 30, 2012

Surgery and Your Help Needed!

Remember Eyerusalem? 
Her parents were injured when Eyerusalem was just 18 months old.
Somehow her father's motorcycle fuel tank caught fire and quickly spread in to the home igniting a kerosene can and sparked an explosion that burned her father badly and crippled her mother. He has recovered and is back to work but has scars and some enduring problems.
She was bedridden for a year and is now confined to this chair. 


A mother despite her circumstances that is filled with such joy.


We need to raise funds asap for her. 

It is planned for her to go to the doctor by Saturday and get a firm diagnosis and what is needed. 

There will be two different phases and we will know more once she visits with the doctor (a famous doctor  from Wolaita Sodo and who has a part time work at Awassa)

All fund received will go straight to her care and surgery.  At this point the amount is an estimate and assumption but we anticipate that it will be around $300 for the first phase and then more will be needed for the next phase.  We will know more specific after the doctor’s visit.

(paypal button below..if you’d like to make a donation by check message me at awassaph@gmail.com )


Would you like to help us bless this family?

Your tax deductible donation will go straight to her medical needs. 

Also… our sweet mother is very nervous about this and fearful that she will lose her legs. 

If you would like to comment (or email them to me) with encouraging words and prayers for her—we will make sure that she gets them.

Thank you!!

October 25, 2012

Children who still need FIGs!

Below are the children in our Awassa community program that still need FIGs.  Someone to stand in the gap for them and love on them from afar.

It is only $30 per month and provides so much to them—changing lives and you have the ability to speak life and hope into a family’s life as well.

If there is someone who tugs at your heart-please send me an email at awassaph@gmail.com and I can share their story with you.










Betelihem HAS A FIG NOW!!    and Yidiya

(brother and sister)


A Grandmother’s Message

One of the most memorable things that happened on this trip involved this family.

These 2 girls lost both of their parents and live with their grandmother. We are so thankful  for their grandmother and that they have a FIG (family in the gap) who we know loves them and prays for them.


The grandmother came up to Askale during the community meeting and told her that she had a word from the Lord for us.

She spoke a tribal language so it took quite a bit of translating from one person to another to another to hear her message.


She quoted scripture verses and was very animated and very passionate about her message.





She told us how grateful she was for us coming, all of the people involved, how we were doing the Lord’s work, and how God had sent us (all of the people working with Project HOPEFUL Awassa)

 She gave Him all the praise and at one point had her face to the ground thanking and worshipping Him.








It was very humbling to be sure--

seeing how lives can be impacted with such a small amount from us.








People that months ago we didn’t know existed or even know their name.


But God knew their name.

And He was faithful to a grandmother’s prayers.

October 22, 2012

Meeting T’s Mom

From Greg:

As Rebekah and I approach the end of our flight and the first Project HOPEFUL FIG Awassa trip, I'm thinking about all of the people we met, homes we visited, and how we were able to catch a glimpse of their lives and the daily challenges that I can't imagine how I would cope with.   These stories will be coming as I get them down on ‘paper’.

One of the biggest blessings of our trip is that we had the pleasure of meeting with Teshale's mother.  A beautiful woman whose story makes our hearts ache.

We are so thankful that she had the courage to come.

Adoption is beautiful and a gift to us..but it comes with such heartache to others. Circumstances and pain that is hard to comprehend and is quite often completely unfair.

Here is a glimpse into that meeting:


sharing pictures of Teshale:



Telling her that her son is beautiful just like she is.


A beautiful woman who has now become part of our family.


(thank you to Joel for capturing this moment!)

October 18, 2012

Meet Eyerusalem and her mom!

Eyerusalem is a happy and curious four year old girl.

Her parents were injured when Eyerusalem was just 18 months old.
Somehow her father's motorcycle fuel tank caught fire and quickly spread in to the home igniting a kerosene can and sparked an explosion that burned her father badly and crippled her mother. He has recovered and is back to work but has scars and some enduring problems. She was bedridden for a year and is now confined to this chair.


They mentioned that an additional surgery might be helpful but is financially out of reach.
Area people collected for her first surgery (amazing!! considering their  own circumstances!) and her next one is estimated to be around 4000-5000 birr (5000 birr = $276) which she simply does not have and has no way of saving.
Dad also needs to see doctor which is estimated 2000-3000 birr. Dad has face burns and eye damage which need further attention.
We (Project HOPEFUL Awassa) are looking into this and how we can help meet these expenses and come to their aid.

We (Greg and Bekah) visited their home:




and her joy was contagious—despite her circumstances and the unfairness of her life.


The joy of the Lord was within her as she scooted around doing what the other mothers there do but with the added challenge of limited mobility.

They are blessed with two neighbors that check in often and help with the daily activities when they are able.

Please pray for this family when you think of it and that all things would come together for the surgery they both need.

October 17, 2012

Bekah’s Ramblings

Working on some posts on the Project HOPEFUL Awassa trip.

In the meantime…

read Bekah’s post processing on what you do with life now.



October 11, 2012

Want to go to Awassa with Project HOPEFUL?

Would you like to experience this:


and this:



and see this:



and deliver these:


and see lives changed? including your own?

We are taking a team of 10 over April 2013 and would love to have you join us! It will be April 13/14 to April 21 and we are putting deposits of $150 down NOW on our group ticket purchases with Ethiopan Air.

I will be going and cannot wait to love on our children and families!

If you’d like to see about this trip and get a short application—email me at awassaph@gmail.com


Day 2 in Awassa!

Head on over to Project HOPEFUL’S blog and check it out!!


October 3, 2012

Packing, Packing, Packing!

Our household is very busy packing for Ethiopia!

We are creatively stuffing 40 some care packages, gifts, cloth diapers, diaper covers, girl pad kits, formula, bottles and trying to find some room for clothes for Bekah and Greg to wear!

(I keep telling them to just wear several layers on the flight over and they will be good!)

They are very excited to go over and meet with all of our partners in Awassa, meet families, deliver your care packages and share your love with them!

Thanks to a generous donor they are also excited to get to deliver 3 of these!

(Want to donate funds for animals for families? message me at awassaph@gmail.com and I can tell you how!)

There are lots of things to happen while over there---things that will benefit the 40 children that now have FIGs! YES 40 children!!

AMAZING!!  If you had told me that this could happen in this amount of time I would have laughed at you! :) But God went ahead and did His thing and rocked it! :)

I am blown away by the commitment of our families for these children and we are humbled and blessed to work with them.

We still have a few children that need FIGs (family in the gap) to stand in the gap for them and love them from afar (and possibly close in mission trip visit!)

If you would like more information on being a FIG for any of these children—please email me at awassaph@gmail.com.  I can give you more information on them and answer any questions you have!

And 2 older boys that could use someone to speak life into their lives as they finish school.  Someone to offer them hope and encouragement.

AJCO-009 (2)AJCO-015 (2)

And for those who would like to see them—our latest newsletters!



We will keep updating as they are on their trip so stay tuned!

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