November 21, 2012

A Goat for Christmas?



for people around Awassa, Ethiopia?



Why a goat?

A goat is a very important investment for these families and is equal to about a half year’s salary!  Something that is normally unattainable—you can help to make happen!

Our partners in Ethiopia identify the families that could most benefit from a goat and deliver them and make sure they know how to take care of them and check on them afterwards as well.

When Greg and Rebekah delivered goats in October they met this government representative:

Copy of IMG_1918

who emphasized to them how extremely important this is. She spoke and expressed thanks for the gifts that would change the way that these families lived.

To us it may just be a goat--to them it is a source of fresh milk and future offspring.

She  gave thanks to God for sending us and for the donors and all the families we represent.

Would you like to join us in this? 

You can give a goat for Christmas or someone’s birthday and we will send you a card that you can print or email for the recipient. 

They are $45 each!

Use this link:

PS.  Fun fact:  What we call a goat here is called a sheep there. :) We commonly refer to it as the ‘sheepgoat’ :) 

Your PayPal receipt will say sheep.

Thank you so much!!


November 17, 2012

Fall in the Valley

We are blessed to live in a beautiful valley.

Mountains all around and it is beautiful in the fall.





Preacher man :)


November 13, 2012

a 6yr old, a goat and $12

Want to be a part of a really neat story?

that involves this sweet girl?

and a goat?

Copy of IMG_1866

and people in Awassa, Ethiopia?


and 12 of these?

Go here and take a look:

November 10, 2012

Why Project HOPEFUL Awassa?

Why Project HOPEFUL Awassa?


In working with Project HOPEFUL’s FIG (Family in the Gap) program we have developed a program that connects a family in Awassa to another family that desires to ‘stand in the gap’  for them.  All of our FIG children will receive the following (some of which live at Ajuuja while others live alone or with family in the community in and around Awassa)

  • clothing and shoes two times a year
  • medical checkup twice a year and medication in the case of sickness
  • basic hygiene materials three times a year
  • food support (formula/milk for children in the center and wheat for children in the community)
  • all the necessary school supplies twice a year with school uniform and back bag once a year
  • annual recreational trip around Awassa
  • annual get together at Ajuuja Center
  • sporting goods like balls, soccer shoe and jerseys
  • regular prayer with men of God invited from different churches at Awassa
  • Christmas and Easter celebrations with staff at Ajuuja and invited guests from the community

We are thankful for the work that Project HOPEFUL does and consider it a privilege to join the effort. We know that God loves the Awassa children more than we can even comprehend and pray that our efforts will bring glory to His name as we heed His call to bring help to widows and orphans.

In your role as FIG advocate you agree to:

  • commit to praying regularly for “your” child or family
  • financially support for $30 per month

There are many other ways to support our Awassa Initiative:

  • You can give one time donations to our general fund to help fund special needs and things that monthly donations may not cover.
  • You can be a monthly giver of any amount to help fund projects and children who do not have a FIG yet. Every single dollar helps.
  • A goat or sheep can be provided for a family to provide meat or income from their offspring for $45 each.

We will also have income generating projects and skill training to help people achieve independence. You could help a family start their own business (tailored to what that family could realistically do in their area and ability.) Contact us if you  or your business would like to be a business backer for a family in the community.

Here are a few of the children that YOU could make part of your family!


(if the slide show doesn’t show up head over to this link:

To contact us with questions or to set up a FIG partnership email us

You can also join us at facebook and see live updates and pictures:

To donate go here:

Thank you for your love of the orphan!

Greg and Charisa Knight

November 6, 2012

Ethiopian Coffee Anyone?


Ethiopian coffee anyone?

We have some awesome whole bean Tomoca coffee for sale to pay for the next trip to Ethiopia.

500 g bags. (1.1 lb)

$20 a bag (includes shipping--locals it's $15 for you!)

BEST coffee in the world. Let me know if you want a bag!

PS. We have a limited supply. (and I am still debating on how much to hoard  keep for myself. So..if you want it..order soon!

Paypal link is:

November 1, 2012

Fun Times

Leave a baby for a while with a cup of milk—you may end up with this:

And if you hear him yelling ‘shabundy” over and over….it really means that has taken the wet coffee grounds out of the trash and rubbed them all over your couch.

And Greg and I have never been so proud of Rebekah to end up on Duck Dynasty’s Look-A-Like site. Page 9. My daughter. Dressed like Si.

A gem this girl is. :) 

This is what she does on Fridays while we are at co-op….instead of studying for her CLEP tests.


Yep.  Just an average day at our house.

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