February 19, 2013

a very special little girl needs help and a family


Can you help me share this post with anyone that you think would be interested?  We need to get this sweet girl the medical help she needs and a family.

Thank you!


From IAN:

We have another exciting opportunity to help a child in need. We want you to meet Baby M. She was born two months ago with several medical conditions that need immediate attention. The hospital in Mekelle contacted us for assistance, as the treatment needed is not available in Ethiopia. They state that “… her future life is under threat unless the problem is managed surgically.”

The doctors have diagnosed Baby M with Myelomengiocle (a type of Spina Bifida), Hydrocephalous and Clubfoot.

The doctors informed us that Baby M “… needs urgent attention to save her life as the management of her illness needs higher experts requiring surgical repair… that is not available in Ethiopia”

Our ultimate goal is to find Baby M a forever family; however our immediate goal is to provide the medical care she urgently needs.

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child and we believe with your help, resources, and connections, we will be able to drastically improve her quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about her conditions or resources available in your area:




If you would like to help or are interested in becoming her forever family, please contact us. Photos and medical information will be provided to serious inquires.

You can also contact IAN at:

1 303-691-0808 waitingkids@internationaladoptionnet.org

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