February 6, 2013

Help for Kayite and family

All of these needs have been met!! THANK YOU!

I love being a part of Project HOPEFUL Awassa.

I love watching God and His people work.

Sometimes though..as I look at pictures and receive updates on children and families, I weep and shake my fist. So many things that are not fair. So many things that make me frustrated at my lack of ability to fix.  So many things that are “just the way they are.”

One such story is of this sweet girl who is in our FIG program.  She is in 2nd grade and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and lives with her mother only.  She has a FIG family but has some needs that extend beyond what sponsorship money can do.

Her mother is very sick and needs medication that would cost $55.

The whole family needs clothing that would be about $200.

The staff in Ethiopia also wants to stock them up with food for $60.


This is one of those instances that we CAN help. We CAN do something.

We can make a difference for THIS family.

If you would like to help click on the donate button below and put KAYITE in the message.



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