April 21, 2014

A story you should read…

I recently had the privilege of attending Winsome retreat in Pennsylvania and had a fabulous time. Met some lovely people and made some new friends.  I also took a killer hike that I was quite proud of myself for at the end! :)

I specifically loved meeting and hearing from  Nasreen Fyneweyer .  Some people just pull you in and make you feel like you just want to sit with them a while and glean from their experiences and wisdom. Our breakout session was not long enough at all for me.

I then found out Nasreen was adopted and that made me even want to chat more. I desperately want to learn from adult adoptees.  Thankfully I didn’t have to stalk her too much as she has a blog that she shares her experiences.

I would love all my adoptive mom friends (and others!)  to read Nasreen’s  The Love Strong Chronicles: My Story, This World, Our God

I think it would bless you. A lot.

March 7, 2014

Opening back up for speaking engagements!

Need someone to kick off your church's focus on service or adoption?

Want to inspire your book club or community group to dig a little deeper into investigating child trafficking and how you can make a difference in your community?

Need a keynote speaker who will inspire, entertain and educate?

"When Charisa speaks, people listen and feel inspired into action. Her messages and wisdom come from an honest and heartfelt place of deep faith, love and compassion for all humans.  Charisa is informed, entertaining, real and funny. You will meet her and feel you've known her for years. You will glean from her wisdom and feel encouraged to take that next brave step on the journey towards your calling, be it adoption or being of greater service to your community, world or faith."
Allison Waddell- fellow adoptive mom and Oct 2013 Project HOPEFUL Awassa Team

Please email charisa@projecthopeful.org for scheduling and openings.

Sample Topics:

Walking Out Faith
Not just saying you have faith...but living it out in your life.

Bringing Justice to Church
How to engage your church in justice.

Coming Full Circle
Hurt. Redemption. Healing. Life Abundant.

Our Family...on Mission!
How to make missions or service a part of your daily family life.

When God Breaks Out of Your Box
The story of our adoptions: We had one plan. God had another.

Serving Right at Home
Developing a love and compassion for your own community and how to serve them.

Trafficking 101
What is it and how does it affect me and what can I do?
(can be geared to adults or to teens)

Safeguarding Your Children
Balancing wisdom and fear

Bringing HOPE
What God is doing with Project HOPEFUL Awassa in Ethiopia

The Justice Mission
Using IJM's curriculum, leading your teen group to learn about trafficking and God's heart on it and ending with a service project.

Other talks can be be done to fit with your organization's desire or need at the time.

Charisa's bio can be downloaded at the link below:
Charisa Knight's bio

March 5, 2014

Have you put God in a box?

This was originally posted over at The Forgotten Initiative’s Blog:  http://www.theforgotteninitiative.org/blog/2014/01/advocate-wednesdays-have-you-put-god-in-a-box/

Does God ever jump out of the box that you put Him in?  That has happened to me specifically over and over again.

“God…I can’t do this”

“This is too hard”

“I can’t handle ________”

“There is no way I could ever do that”

“I’ll do this IF it’s exactly like this”

Then God breaks out of the box I have put Him in and does His thing. …saying

“No, you can’t do this. Alone. but you can with Me.”

“No..you can’t handle that. On your own. But you can with Me.”

“Yes, there is a way you could do that. If I called you to it”

“Trust me, you don’t want it your way. You would miss the blessings I have for you along the way”

I will admit some of those times have been the hardest in my life. I have hurt more than I have ever thought possible. I have cried for justice for those that I love. I have been mad and furious at times and things that are unfair.  But… I would not ever trade these experiences for a “easier” life.


I have learned so much about God and myself.

I have learned how to love and be loved. I have learned true compassion and grace.

I have learned what wounds can do to a soul and how healing and redemption transforms.

I have seen miracles happen in hearts and lives.

I have learned what God can do when I stop trying to control my life and just follow Him.

I would like to ask everyone who is reading this to ask yourself what box have you put God in? Could there be something He is asking you to do that is outside the parameters you have set for Him and for yourself?

Could it be foster care?

Being open to an older child in your home?

Mentoring and loving on some vulnerable youth?

Working with a biological family to help them learn what family and love is?

Adopting a child that needs a family and love?

Opening yourself up to joining in TFI’s mission to love and care for those hurting in our own communities?

(TFI Augusta County needs people on our team right now to help with some of our initiatives! Email tfi.augusta@gmail.com on how you can get involved!)

February 3, 2014

The Locust Effect—Free Book Giveaway!

There are certain authors that I can’t wait to read their books. I wait for their newest books to hit the stores and I actually buy them. (There are very few books that I actually buy new!!)
Gary Haugen is among those people. His books educate, challenge and inspire me.
charisa locust effect
This one will be no different!  I have more to post on it but today I just wanted to give you a glimpse so that you can be sharing and possibly win a FREE copy of The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen!

How?  By simply sharing this post on twitter, instagram, or facebook! (one entry per place per day!)  Come back and share here that you did in the comment and I will choose a winner Monday morning at 7am. You have until then to share share share! :)

And be sure to watch this!!


And this is the best week ever to buy it!! Why??

In addition to the fact that all author royalties from sales of the book go to IJM to help fund the fight, during Feb 3 through Feb 7 a generous friend of IJM has pledged to give $20 to IJM for every copy of the book sold up to $40,000.

So spending $20 on the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble is equivalent to giving $20 directly to IJM to help fight violence against the poor.

Go here to purchase!

Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.  


Visit http://www.thelocusteffect.com/ to Learn more and to Get Involved!

Follow IJM on Twitter for Daily Updates!  https://twitter.com/IJM

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