February 3, 2014

The Locust Effect—Free Book Giveaway!

There are certain authors that I can’t wait to read their books. I wait for their newest books to hit the stores and I actually buy them. (There are very few books that I actually buy new!!)
Gary Haugen is among those people. His books educate, challenge and inspire me.
charisa locust effect
This one will be no different!  I have more to post on it but today I just wanted to give you a glimpse so that you can be sharing and possibly win a FREE copy of The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen!

How?  By simply sharing this post on twitter, instagram, or facebook! (one entry per place per day!)  Come back and share here that you did in the comment and I will choose a winner Monday morning at 7am. You have until then to share share share! :)

And be sure to watch this!!


And this is the best week ever to buy it!! Why??

In addition to the fact that all author royalties from sales of the book go to IJM to help fund the fight, during Feb 3 through Feb 7 a generous friend of IJM has pledged to give $20 to IJM for every copy of the book sold up to $40,000.

So spending $20 on the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble is equivalent to giving $20 directly to IJM to help fight violence against the poor.

Go here to purchase!

Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.  


Visit http://www.thelocusteffect.com/ to Learn more and to Get Involved!

Follow IJM on Twitter for Daily Updates!  https://twitter.com/IJM


  1. Charisa, 5 minutes ago I picked up a B&N gift card that's been laying on the counter. I figured I'd surf the internet during the kids naptime (which is a fail, because my 1 year old is currently chilling with me) and find a new book to buy with the gift card. I cannot believe I read your blog first- God thing or what? Guess what book I'm buying off B & N RIGHT NOW! And so happy it brings extra funding to IJM.

    1. AWESOME! Meg!! I just got news that Amazon is sold out so everyone head to B&N or your favorite local bookstore and ask them to order/stock it! :)

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  3. I shared on FB tonight. I'm definitely excited to read this book.


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