April 21, 2014

A story you should read…

I recently had the privilege of attending Winsome retreat in Pennsylvania and had a fabulous time. Met some lovely people and made some new friends.  I also took a killer hike that I was quite proud of myself for at the end! :)

I specifically loved meeting and hearing from  Nasreen Fyneweyer .  Some people just pull you in and make you feel like you just want to sit with them a while and glean from their experiences and wisdom. Our breakout session was not long enough at all for me.

I then found out Nasreen was adopted and that made me even want to chat more. I desperately want to learn from adult adoptees.  Thankfully I didn’t have to stalk her too much as she has a blog that she shares her experiences.

I would love all my adoptive mom friends (and others!)  to read Nasreen’s  The Love Strong Chronicles: My Story, This World, Our God

I think it would bless you. A lot.

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