June 3, 2014

Delicate Fortress Fundraiser for a sibling group!


I interrupt our trip sharing (much more to come soon!) to share about a very special family.

I homeschool with the family and Ab and their son our good friends. She teaches my children hard science like Chemistry at our local co-op (thank God for that!)

Several years ago I had a fundraiser with Delicate Fortress for our Guatemala trip and Jennifer supported us. I think she bought her first punjammies then. Now it’s coming full circle and I am hosting (as a DFC ambassador) to help fundraise for her adoption of 3 siblings.

You can read her story here: https://www.crowdrise.com/BringingOurKids/fundraiser/jenniferperdew

So…if you love fair trade items, love empowering women, and love supporting adoption….this is win-win-win!!


You can shop here to benefit her adoption until June 8.  http://www.delicatefortress.com/

To order online: (June 1st-8th)
At check out, look for the box marked "Affiliate" & click on "Charisa Knight" Put "Perdew" in the shipping instructions so their family gets the credit.


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