January 7, 2015


“I am tired of feeling guilty” are the words I moaned to my husband the other night.  They were birthed from a day of not feeling like I made any forward movement in any aspect of my life. A day of feeling of “not enough” in every moment.
After a day of comparing myself to every single instagram, facebook status and blog post, I felt…well, conflicted.
It’s a darned if you and darned if you don’t mentality out there.  There are posts to judge and make fun of and soapboxes to stand upon no matter what it is.  All the voices out there telling you the “right” way to think or be.

Hot topics that will make you want to scream or stick your head in the sand.  So many posts that scream to me that I am not doing enough or being enough…at anything.

As a person whose love language is words of affirmation and a reformed (still in process) people pleaser/acceptance seeker in a BIG way….this playground can make my head and heart go into a tailspin at times.

I have contemplated what I want to “work on” this year. Be it my resolution  or my “one word” or whatever you want to call it.


Acceptance of the people in my life. Where they are at in their journey. Willing to love them in spite of what I perceive to be their flaws or quirks or things that annoy me :)  Willing to support them in their passions though they may be different than mine. Willing to listen to their thoughts and ideas even though they may be polar opposite of what I believe while trying to understand…hoping they do the same for me.

Acceptance of myself. with all my failures and rough edges. Accepting that it’s okay that I will never be crafty mom (though I may give it a good try sometimes. I had a field day with chalkboard paint for a couple months)  I will never be sporty mom (EB takes that off the table) or gourmet cooking wife (I am lucky to remember to cook some days!)  or any of the other things that I wish I could be at times.

And that’s okay.

My journey is mine. and yours is yours. We are all on different paths and made by God for different passions and abilities and shaped by our experiences and past.
Instead of comparing and feeling guilty, let’s learn from each other, support each other (who wants to come craft for me?) and marvel at the gifts God has given each other.

Every heart has so much history
It's my favorite place to start
Sit down a while and share your narrative with me
I'm not afraid of who you are

I'm all here, and you're all there
Some of this is unique, and some of it we share
Add it up and start from there
Well, it's all right here


1 comment:

  1. Charisa, When I read of all your accomplishments of caring and loving on others, I feel like I am so missing the mark. I am crafty, but what will happen to all my projects when I am gone. I will be lucky if Dena keeps a few of them! But you and Gregg, are working on projects that will live on for eternity!!


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