August 24, 2017

Standing up

I have been posting a lot of my thoughts over on facebook and have forgotten about my blog.  So for my total of 5 readers, here you go! :)

These thoughts were generated from the recent events in Charlottesville.  If you'd like some discussion on it..feel free to comment below or head over to my facebook page.


Am I angry? Yes, I am. And I should be and I won't apologize for it.

I get angry over trafficking. I get angry over the abuse of children. I get angry over the unfair treatment of women. I get angry about the stigma of HIV. I am angry about genocide. I get angry over unfair imprisonment and the way widows are treated in many cultures. I get angry over senseless killings. I am angry when a woman is ostracized because she was raped and is now pregnant. I am angry when a baby is found abandoned in a field and barely survives.

I am angry that I just had to have a plan of action talk with one of my sons in case he encounters anything tomorrow.

I will always be angry over injustices so, yes I am angry over the events this weekend. I am angry that my children and friends are deemed less than. I am angry at the horrid comments that people who live around me make. I am angry that people continue to make excuses and justifications for vile hate.

Anger is not a wrong emotion in itself. I don't ever want to not be angry over these things.

It's what we do with that anger---do I allow it to turn to hate and darken my heart or do I let it compel me to action?

To stand up against injustice in any form--that's what my anger compels me to do.

 And yes, love and prayer is part of that action---always! But so is standing up!

It's easy for people to share articles and be filled with angst over this weekend's events on social media. We get caught up in emotion and how dare xyz.

But how many people are going to counter protest day to day in your life? in your school? in your job? in your church?

Who is going to speak up for my sons when a racist joke is told? because we've heard them in our own yard during homeschool events and during church meetings.

Who's going to speak out against blatant prejudices or preconceived ideas?

Who's going to check their own hearts for those prejudices and work to get rid of them?

Who's going to seek out friendships across racial divides?

Who's going to stop whispering "she's dating a black guy"

Who's going to be okay with when their daughters come home saying they like one of my sons? (that's a big one there!)

That's what will change things. Day to day living it out in your life.

June 14, 2017

Loving the Unlovable

A month ago as I was driving home from a conference in Nashville I began to think about love.

And how hard it was to love others. Really love others. It’s easy to say it and post memes and pretty graphics about it.

Much harder to do in real life. A busy life. A wounded life.

It’s much harder to really love those whose personalities rub you the wrong way. Those who are just obnoxious. Those who exhaust you mentally.  Those you’d rather duck into the next aisle in when you see them in the grocery store people.

But you know what? That’s exactly who Christ has called us to love. It’s easy to love those who are like us. Those who pour into our souls. Those you can be vulnerable with it and share the innermost parts of your heart with. Those we can laugh with. Those we can feel comfortable being quiet with.

We enjoy loving those people. And we need those people in our lives. We have to have those people in our lives.

But what about those other people?

They are different for all of us.

For some it’s much easier to love the Muslim refugee than it is the white republican male.

For others it’s much easier to love the person next to them in church than the homeless person sitting on the street outside of church.

Some can easily love any other race but struggle with those with mental issues.

Some can love and accept the adulterer but not homosexual.

and vice versa for all those situations.

We each have a wall that has been built by biases, experiences and teachings.  But still we most love.

Uncomfortable, isn’t it? (speaking to myself here)

But isn’t that exactly who Christ has called us to love?

Isn’t that what is supposed to make us different?

Isn’t that what people are supposed to marvel at about our faith? Our ability to love.  Because our love comes from Him.

Ephesians 5 tells us “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.”

1 John 4 says “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us.”

Challenging myself today to love those that I have deemed unlovable in my heart and mind.

Join me?

(Disclaimer: Do we have to have boundaries? Yes.  Are there some that aren’t safe for us that we have to remove ourselves from? Yes.)

March 31, 2017

Love isn't easy

We as people like quick fixes. We like things wrapped up and tidy like a 30 minute sitcom. 

Loving others isn't a quick fix. It's not tidy. It's not easy. It's not without some sacrifice on our part if done with our whole heart.

But these faces? They are what makes it worth it.

When you sit in front of family and hear how their lives have changed. When you see the man who had no shoes, rags for clothes and a malnourished son and poverty spirit standing before you now with not only shoes and clothes..but a spirit of joy deep within him---that's what motivates you.

When your in-country staff lists off names of children that they tell you surely would have died had it not been for people entering into their distress--that's what fires you up.

It goes beyond material things. It's deeper than the financial help. It's bringing life and hope to others because that's what's been given to us.

We are so thankful for those that have linked arms with Hawassa Hope--some of you since the very beginning and some of you brand new. You encourage us on hard days to stay the course. You help us to see the beauty in ashes. You fan the flames of our hopes and dreams.

"The victims of injustice in our world do not need our spasms of passion; they need our long obedience in the same direction - our legs and lungs of endurance; And we need sturdy stores of joy."   Gary Haugen

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