March 31, 2017

Love isn't easy

We as people like quick fixes. We like things wrapped up and tidy like a 30 minute sitcom. 

Loving others isn't a quick fix. It's not tidy. It's not easy. It's not without some sacrifice on our part if done with our whole heart.

But these faces? They are what makes it worth it.

When you sit in front of family and hear how their lives have changed. When you see the man who had no shoes, rags for clothes and a malnourished son and poverty spirit standing before you now with not only shoes and clothes..but a spirit of joy deep within him---that's what motivates you.

When your in-country staff lists off names of children that they tell you surely would have died had it not been for people entering into their distress--that's what fires you up.

It goes beyond material things. It's deeper than the financial help. It's bringing life and hope to others because that's what's been given to us.

We are so thankful for those that have linked arms with Hawassa Hope--some of you since the very beginning and some of you brand new. You encourage us on hard days to stay the course. You help us to see the beauty in ashes. You fan the flames of our hopes and dreams.

"The victims of injustice in our world do not need our spasms of passion; they need our long obedience in the same direction - our legs and lungs of endurance; And we need sturdy stores of joy."   Gary Haugen

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