About Us

Hello!  Thank you for checking out our blog!  What you will find in us is a family that loves God and seeks to make a difference in our world--near and far. We do this in a variety of ways that you will learn about on this blog.  We would love to have you join our journey!

My hubby is a man with a servant's heart and loves to help others.  He quietly works behind the scenes to make a difference that a lot of times isn't even seen.  I am thankful for him as my husband.  He is steadfast and faithful.

I am a gal quick to emotion and passion.  Sometimes good, sometimes not!  I love to teach and share my passions with others. I am a homeschool mom which keeps me busy. I love to read, learn and I love to worship God.  

Our kids are crazy and vastly different.  They are all huge blessings to our lives.

Bekah is our oldest, she is 20. She is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree
in International Studies. She has been to Guatemala twice and hopes
to spend more time there in the future. She also enjoys photography and acting.

Joshua is the second in the line up, he is 18.  Josh enjoys playing soccer and is in school with a plan to go into nursing.

Rachel comes in third at 15 years old. Rachel loves to play the piano as well as act 
and sing. She loves animals and wants to be an animal rescuer when she grows up.

Ab is 13, and was adopted from Ethiopia in August 2008. Ab loves to run and
play soccer. He also enjoys playing drums. He would like to be a player for
FC Barcelona when he grows up. 

Teshale is 4 and was adopted from Ethiopia in September 2011. Teshale is a
crazy boy who is into everything. He enjoys screaming and running laps around
the kitchen. 


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