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CAUSEBOX by Sevenly!

From Sevenly:

How does this box give back?

We so are glad you asked. This Box Matters because it gives back in big ways. The CAUSEBOX give-back is two-fold. For every box sold, we (Sevenly) give $7 to one of 7 partner charities. On top of that, the box features products from companies that are committed to doing good all over the world. Some give one-for-one, some give meals, some medical aid, others give money to help various causes. Be sure to read the “Reveal Card” included in each CAUSEBOX. Our product profiles help explain how and why we chose each product, and also, what each inclusion means for the betterment of the global community. Amazing right?

Stitch Fix

My favorite splurge!  I got into Stitch Fix after seeing some outfits posted by some online friends. I am a terrible shopper in stores and have no clue what my style is and struggle with finding clothes that will go with different outfits.  I usually hit the clearance racks and have lots of pieces that don't really go with anything. or don't fit right. Stitch Fix has a great profile maker that helps you discover what you do and don't like and then stylists that help pick out clothes for you (you can request different items too) and then you try them on at home (you pay $20 for the stylist fee which is applied to any clothes you buy) and send back (free shipping) what you don't want. I have found outfits that I would have never picked out in the store to try on and it has been FUN.  It's a splurge that I look forward to!

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